Emmett Reed Moore

Emmett Moore Family
Our Birth story:

Born January 26th, 2012 9lb 12oz

Having already had a baby in 2009, we thought we had everything all planned out and knew what to expect with baby numero dos! We had a natural birth with our first son, but in a hospital setting. Boy were we pleasantly surprised! Having appointments that were an hour in length in a setting that was warm and inviting and comfy. Laboring wherever was natural and most comfortable. Travis and I left the appointments with Mary and Nichelle feeling loved, well cared for and encouraged. Quite a change from a 5 or 10 minute appointment in a doctors office!

Like I said before, this wasn't my first rodeo, so I THOUGHT I had everything planned. This baby was going to come on time, because my first one did... this labor was going to be faster than the first, because that's what everyone tells you! A week past my due date I was getting discouraged. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Mary and Nichelle reminded me that every baby is different and to have faith that my body and baby knew the best time to be born. Finally, almost 2 weeks after my due date, I went into labor! My labor progressed easily and quickly with me passing the time sitting on the birth ball or in the tub. Even when it got hard, jokes were made about the "old lady" toilet seat and Mary's own birth experience. Then I broke the toilet seat! :)

I felt "pushy", but different from what I experienced with Carson. Mary checked me and I was fully dilated with the exception of a small lip of cervix that was still covering part of the baby's head. Pushing was uncontrollable, but very uncomfortable. I became listless, but Mary was right there with me and my husband and always knew the right thing to say and do to get me through. After rest, some nutrients and love, we were ready to push. The lip of cervix having finally melted away. About 12 hours after it all started we were blessed with a baby boy! He was a biggn' and even came out face up. How amazing! I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful work that these women do. I wish that every woman could experience birth in a setting so free of fear and full of love and support. We thank Mary and Nichelle from the bottom of our hearts. They will forever be a part of our memories from that momentous day.

Emmett Moore Family