Jennifer Brimhall

Jennifer Brimhall Family
I would love to write about my experience with Blossom!

Before coming to Blossom, I had 4 children with 3 different male doctors.

3 epidurals, and 1 "accidental" natural birth which was an awful experience. When I became pregnant with my 5th child, I was looking for something different. I had always felt that the doctors and hospitals were in charge, not me. I did not understand my body--I had never been in control or "owned" my birth experiences. I didn't know I could. But I knew something was missing. I wanted to try something different. I also did not have maternity insurance.

As I looked at my options, I found Blossom was an affordable alternative. Though it was a 3 hour drive from my home, when I interviewed them, I felt immediately comfortable. I appreciated their highly skilled training as well as their proximity to the children's hospital, should an emergency occur. I gladly made the drive for each appointment.

Perhaps the most important thing that Nichelle and Mary did for me was gently empower me. They taught me to trust my body. To love my body. To not be afraid. To be confident.

They prepared me, and taught me to take the lead. To not rely on them, but on myself. I especially recommend Mary's couples class. It played a huge part in changing my perspective.

Nichelle and Mary served as life coaches to me as they guided me through my pregnancy and labor.

My birth experience was perfect. I am proud of it, and of myself and my baby. It brought my husband and I closer together than all of the other births combined.

In a strange way, my experience with Blossom has changed my life. Learning to trust myself in childbirth has extended to trusting myself in other areas in my life. Knowing that I could do something hard (natural childbirth) has led me to doing other things that I never dreamed that I could be doing and succeeding.

I only regret that I did not find them sooner.

I cannot recommend them enough.

Jennifer Brimhall
Jennifer Brimhall Family