Kirby, Emily and Lily

Kirby and Emily Family
Dear Mary, Nichelle, Gwen, and Pam,

Kirby, Lily and I wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful experience we had at Blossom Birth Center. We arrived in Phoenix 8 weeks before I delivered Lily and y'all did everything you could to catch us up on the preparation for her arrival! We felt so welcomed and so loved. It was exactly the atmosphere we wanted to bring Lily into the world.

Kirby and I had always believed in the power and strength of the female body and the intelligence of babies, but it was entirely shocking to find a team of women who whole-heartedly supported and believed the same things. The previous prenatal care I received was medically sound but not holistic and definitely not an advocate for mothers. The material that you gave us at Blossom has now been shared with 4 other women in just the last 10 months. You have truly started a revolution to bring the birthing process back to the way it should be. I was blown away by our experience with labor and birth. The labor was long for sure, but it was entirely peaceful because you let my body and Lily do the talking and decision making. I don't think I realized just HOW unique of a place Blossom Birth Center is until I shared birthing stories with my friends after the fact.

Kirby and I are so incredibly grateful for the beautiful experience that is Blossom Birth Center and we pray that all our subsequent children can be welcomed into the world in such a peaceful way.

This picture is the first of many family photos. Everyone always says Kirby looks more tired than I do, but don't be fooled, he was just crying tears of joy!

With Love,

Kirby, Emily, and Lily Sanford