Our Team

Frances Landreth, AAHCC

Frances discovered her passion for natural childbirth after taking a Bradley Method ® class while pregnant with her first child and having an amazing unmedicated birth in the hospital. After taking the classes again while pregnant with her second child, she had another incredible birth, this time at Blossom with Mary attending.

By this time, Frances was in love with both Blossom and the Bradley Method ®, so in 2013 she completed her training to become a Bradley Method ® instructor, and began teaching in the fall of that year. She became a fully affiliated instructor in May of 2014, and has been offering Bradley Method ® classes at Blossom since November, 2014.

Frances loves helping couples learn about the birth process and discover their own strength and confidence through working together to bring their baby into the world with love and joy.

Frances also has an M.A. in Anthropology, and works as an archaeologist for the Gila River Indian Community. Her two boys keep her on her toes, and love babies almost as much as she does.