Our Team

Nichelle Whitehead, MD

Nichelle Whitehead is a well-respected obstetrician with the heart of a midwife. Her motivation to help women developed early in her career and led her to a private practice where normal, natural births were the norm, not the exception. Her focus on empowering women to seek holistic health care for themselves and their families, led Nichelle to join forces with Mary Langlois and Diane Bajus to create Blossom Birth and Wellness Center.

Nichelle’s vision for Blossom is to offer a range of wellness services to the community, enabling women to learn about their bodies and their choices from practitioners who support and encourage them throughout the childbearing year. Nichelle’s extensive expertise as an OB/Gyn complements her respect for these natural, biological processes and her reputation in the community as a patient, gentle, and warm care provider.

The influence of a interdisciplinary education helped form Nichelle’s broad understanding of the social, economic, emotional, and physiological influences on a woman’s health and future wellness. She studied at Miami University and earned her M.D. at Case Western Reserve University, completing her residency in Phoenix. Over the last several years, she has shared her passion for natural birth by teaching residents at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix to be more holistic physicians. Nichelle is the mother of two sons, both born with the caring help of midwives.