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Prenatal Care

Imagine a prenatal visit with no waiting lasting up to two hours in the beginning. Allocating enough time to answer all of your questions, to educate, empower, and establish a relationship with love, trust, and respect. Our team at Blossom wants your prenatal care to become your prenatal experience. Come and celebrate your belly and your baby and as you blossom we help you grow.

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Giving Birth at Blossom

Imagine birthing with freedom to move as your body and baby direct you. Eating and drinking whatever you like. Music, scent, candles, and immersion in a warm whirlpool tub. And if your baby decides to be born in water your baby can have a water birth. All of this surrounded by your loved ones with an amazing team of midwives, a physician, and doulas. This is reality at Blossom Birth Center.



Imagine holding your baby, no one trying to intervene just allowing you and your baby to be together. Your baby never leaves you. Postpartum doulas attend to your needs and certified breastfeeding counselors offer support, a foot or hand massage, meals in bed, and rest – as long as you need up to 24 hours. This is reality at Blossom Birth Center.

Blossom Birth Center
Phoenix, AZ
Accredited since 2014

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YES! Blossom is accredited!

The Mark of Quality - The Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC), using the standards of the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC), provides support, education, and accreditation to developing and existing birth centers.

The standards used for birth center accreditation are reviewed and revised on a regular basis, and Blossom Birth Center is extremely proud to have achieved this status.